The Armor of El Henry

The Armor of El Henry explores the renderings and construction of Costume Designer Cassie DeFile’s El Henry. What began as a show assignment was quickly turned on its head from Covid-19 and limitations on live theatre. To combat the season’s reorganization Cassie DeFile, Sebastian Rock, Ayrika Johnson, D Larsson McCanna, and members of the UCI costume shop worked on building pieces of the main characters’ armor. Utilizing non traditional mediums, the group followed Cassie’s designs as far as Covid precautions allowed, creating a set of armor pieces which would have been used in the live version of El Henry. Eager to continue their work, Cassie, Ayrika, and D continued into the unknown territory of inputting EL Wire into costumes to further understand the world of wearable technology and its effects on theatrical costumes. Meant to cut an imposing figure, the police figures show their true colors in the darkness and create a contrasting picture between their sleek and sharp silhouettes and the rest of the armored group.